The Neem Initiative
Preventing and Treating Malaria in the Third World -  NATURALLY and PERPETUALLY
Photo Gallery - The Neem Initiative at Work
Mature Neem Tree
Preparing seeds in planter sleeves
Malaria Prevalence Map:
The most dots are clustered in Uganda
Mature Neem Tree
One Neem Seed Bed
One Neem Study Tree at 6 Months
Seedlings Ready for Transplanting
Neem Fruits (containing seeds) and Leaves
Obadiah Trains Farmers on Neem Planting
Scrawny Neem Tree Said to Repel Anopheles Mosquitos 100 Meters in All Directions
Family Under Insecticide Treated Bed Net
Rev. Apuuli Brown Leading Workers in Prayer
Obadiah Presents TNI to the People of Kayanja Village, our Center of Operations
Worried Moms with Kids
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